August 15th



July 27th


Test pressing for Passerby.
The final records are in transit now.
The release date will be announced as soon as they arrive.

July 25th




About the beasts right on your trail
About the power that takes the veil
The pace that’s laid can’t bring us there
And all the bliss passed in despair
About the tides that they can chase
About the gifts that they give to loose
The pace that’s laid can’t bring us there
And it’s the same most everywhere
About the task marks on the wall
About the seas that they can crawl
The pace that’s laid can’t bring us there
And it’s the same that’s in repair
About the peace that they can fault
About the haste that they can halt
The pace that’s laid can’t bring us there
And it’s the same but I don’t care

July 24th


So you travel with that old suitcase
Half-time, but at earnest pace
They were shaping up to see you loose
But you escaped them without a bruise
Where in the story does this fit ?
Well, I don’t care – because I’m writing it
The half-moon lit your path enough
It made night travel easy when it should have been rough you
As the pace makes shine for you

July 22nd

Jeff filled in on bass for Eric Campbell And The Dirt’s summer tour.
Here is some footage from the homecoming show at Hindenburg.
We have been back at it & patiently waiting for our single to be pressed.
Contrary to our site posts, We have been very much active with writing and playing shows.

May 19th


The talented Sean Morton will be filling in on the skins for this show.
Mat has nearly recovered from his surgery last month.
He will be back in action for a show in early June !
In his absence, Jeff recorded a solo record.
The 7-track album will be released online in the next few weeks.
Our upcoming  7″, Passerby is queuing at the pressing plant.
It should be available for order in July !

March 31st



March 25th


Artwork for our upcoming 7″, Passerby.

March 19th



February 20th



Mother Upduff & Zen Mystery Fog are “Guests”.

February 10th



January 21st

Recording drums for “The Passerby” and “Fire”.

Both tracks will be included on our upcoming 7″

January 19th



January 6th



January 5th



Check out our interview with Red On Black Music !

December 20th



December 2nd

December 1st


Tempest was a part of this beautifully shot short film.

November 25th



Mud/Paced, available for download on bandcamp

We have 400 free downloads to offer this month through Bandcamp.
If they run out & you are unable to donate, please email us.

November 15th


Singing the count-in… YES.