February 14th

January 15th
New project
TUFF GUM’s debut tracks coming soon !

November 16th

9 track album available now on bandcamp ! Pay ( or not ) whatever the hell you want.
A dark and noisy throng of jazz-inspired, soul-driven americana.
Make No Waves was recorded throughout 2017 featuring a bunch of beauties from around town. Mat Wainright, Erik Mulder and Eirik Hutchinson of Mother Upduff, Erin Sharp and Keith Leinweber of Warless, Emily Bach of Dirty Spells, Colby Morgan ( Colby Morgan & the Catastrophes ) Eric Campbell ( Eric Campbell & The Dirt ), and Sean Morton of our new project, TUFF GUM.

March 20th

Photos by Jaimi Wainright

March 9th


February 20th


February 20th

February 20th


January 15th



January 7th

December 15th
Beatroute on our newest EP.


Mother Upduff’s most recent EP does not shy away from its roots…

December 3rd


October 24th
Photos from Psych Fest III courtesy of NO HITS

October 3rd


The three of us spent a bunch of late summer evenings in each other’s company listening to records, watching movies and laughing our asses off. In a hazy daze we also recorded an EP.

September 20th

September 19th

September 6th

August 11th



August 3rd


I ( jeff ) recorded a new solo EP last month.
I have 200 free downloads a month on my solo bandcamp.
Message if they run out and you are unable to contribute.

July 15



Photo by Nathanual Hein