Mother Upduff

Playing an earnest and dynamic fusion of classic soul, nu-psychedelia, and lo-fi noise, Mother Upduff is a trio hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Mother Upduff was formed as a two-piece in 2013 by drummer Mat Wainright and singer/guitarist Jeff Collins who first started playing together in the now disbanded Black Cat Trail. With the premiere of their live performances, Mother Upduff released their first single “Grave Robbers” b/w “Transient” in 2013 becoming a growing attraction in Vancouver and launching online interest as they continued to release music independently through Bandcamp. After “The Captive” in 2013, the following year yielded diverse singles “Tempest” & “Mud/Paced”, all of which have been used internationally in film projects from brands including Subrosa, Desillusion Magazine, Black Revolver Skateboards, and featured in the film ” Pallasseum – Unsichtbare Stadt” as part of the 66th Annual Berlin Film Festival. After experimenting with their lineup throughout 2015, the following year was met with Mother Upduff’s 7″ release, “Passerby” b/w “Fire” on the independent Pennsylvania label, 852 Records. 2016 continued with the addition of moog/bassist Erik Mulder, which brought a sonic expansion pushed further with each performance. Following the May release of “Vigilance Committee”, the band focused their efforts towards the October offering of their latest EP, “The Decay”, which debuted the combined writing styles of all 3 members.