November 23rd


We are excited to release our first 5 years of recordings, not as a compilation of singles but as one cohesive full-length album.

Limited double LP available on color vinyl at Nasoni Records


When Nasoni Records approached us with the concept of a collection, my knee-jerk reaction was to drag all the files in the “Mother Upduff Masters” folder and send away. After a few scrupulous listens however, I felt it wouldn’t hurt to adjust the levels between each song before remastering for the vinyl. Backwards it spiraled from there. A few months later we have 20 tracks ( 19 on vinyl ) completely remixed and remastered to map a progression within an album rather than an era. To obtain an audible common ground : some songs were cleaned and decluttered whereas others were crowded and muddied, room mics were turned up, takes were swapped, entire instrument sections were muted / unmuted, and the tape bias ran hot on the master.


Alongside each single comes 3 unreleased songs from an unheard but fruitful period when Eirik Hutchinson joined Mat and I for the first time. Before Erik Mulder brought his skills to our last recordings, Eirik Hutchinson played a huge part in taking our sound out of the two-piece rut. That first season of sonic expansion can now be heard in Transient ( Electric ), The Rover, and Mexico. Contrary to the track placement of our 4th unreleased song, The Priestess was actually our last tune recorded before a brief hiatus. Now with past and present members playing together, Mother Upduff is continuing with a philosophy that mirrors the construction of this album. Each track was dissected and altered according to it’s relationship towards the rest, similar to how we have always played for each other first, the individual second, and those listening last. ( Jeff Collins )

November 2nd

The Priestess single now available on Spotify and Apple Music.

June 21st



We are back in new form ! Double LP including our entire discography and unreleased tracks coming to Berlin’s Nasoni Records !

April 6th

February 14th

January 15th
New project
TUFF GUM’s debut tracks coming soon !

November 16th

9 track album available now on bandcamp ! Pay ( or not ) whatever the hell you want.
A dark and noisy throng of jazz-inspired, soul-driven americana.
Make No Waves was recorded throughout 2017 featuring a bunch of beauties from around town. Mat Wainright, Erik Mulder and Eirik Hutchinson of Mother Upduff, Erin Sharp and Keith Leinweber of Warless, Emily Bach of Dirty Spells, Colby Morgan ( Colby Morgan & the Catastrophes ) Eric Campbell ( Eric Campbell & The Dirt ), and Sean Morton of our new project, TUFF GUM.

March 20th

Photos by Jaimi Wainright

March 9th


February 20th


February 20th

February 20th


January 15th



January 7th

December 15th
Beatroute on our newest EP.


Mother Upduff’s most recent EP does not shy away from its roots…

December 3rd


October 24th
Photos from Psych Fest III courtesy of NO HITS

October 3rd


The three of us spent a bunch of late summer evenings in each other’s company listening to records, watching movies and laughing our asses off. In a hazy daze we also recorded an EP.

September 20th

September 19th